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May 27, 2009 at 06:45 PM

Listing in SAP Retail



We have 5 different distribution chains in our Retail system. The materials that I need to extend and list have already been extended to 3 out of 5 distribution chains in the past. We do not want to extend them to remaining 2 out of 5 existing distribution chains. I need to do listing of existing materials to new 6th distribution chain 4012/01.

Out of the thousands of articles we have, 400 articles have the Listing data (mm43 listing tab) created at client level after they were listed to the 3 distribution chains. When I try to list these materials to the new 4012/01, the system tries to list these materials to all remaining distribution chains (since Listing data is at client level).

Is there any way to get rid of the Listing data created at client level in article master? I believe table MAW1 has the data at client level and simply making the assortment grade, listing procedures, validity dates (i.e. listing specific fields) blank fixes the problem. After doing this, I am able to list only to the distribution chain I provide, i.e. 4012/01.

Is it ok to make changes to MAW1 directly? Will it make the article inconsistent in any way for other existing distribution chains or be detrimental in any way? Or any better way to do this?