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Aug 13, 2018 at 09:05 AM

Calculation failed: Incorrect page references (start page = -1, end page = -1)

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Hello to all,

I am trying to create a subsum on last line of each page of my form. I am using following script:

data.Page1.Table.Totals.Subtotal.#field[1]::ready:layout - (JavaScript, both)

this.rawValue = tableCalcs.obj.Sum("LFIMG", xfa.layout.absPage(this));

It works on the first page, but other parts of my script are not working correctly on other pages. The log says following:

Error: Uncaught JavaScript exception: Calculation failed: Incorrect page references (start page = -1, end page = -1).
Script failed (language is javascript; context is xfa[0].form[0].data[0].Page1[0].lastLine[0].Totals[0].Subtotal[0].#field[1])

Interestingly, the error affect only processing of the form on background. When I print the form from a preview, the output looks different (correct). Is it possible there is a difference between refferencing on local and ADS server engine?

I suspect the script to stopped working after ADS server update on Java 8.1. I am using livecycle ES4 version 11.0.8

Please suggest possible error causes...