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May 27, 2009 at 03:52 PM

SRM supplier user synchronization between SUS and productive client


Dear Sirs, in our SRM environement the contact persons (and relative system users) created by suppliers in the auto-registration procedure, should be synchronized between SUS and productive client.

(in our implementation client 150 and 330) .

This sync mechanism should be valid also for lock-unlock status of the user and reset of the password,

but in both cases it does not works (a locked user, manually unlocked from client 150 via SU01, is again locked in client 330, the same from 330 client).

Could you suggest a solution or some checkpoints ?

Could you provide some links for the configuration of this mechanism ? (we have seen only the SPRO node " Maintain Systems for Synchronization of User Data") ?

I am not shure if XI is implicated or not.

Best regards,

Riccardo Galli