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May 27, 2009 at 10:42 AM

Problem calling bapi_network_maintain and wait up to 1 second


Hi all!. We are calling bapi_network_maintain in our development as_

bapi_network_maintain (...)

source code

bapi_network_maintain (...)

source code...

First we tried to use bapi_transaction_commit with wait = X and we had locks problem.

After we tried to use wait up to 1 second instead bapi_transaction_commit and in our development system worked. But now we transport the report to our test system and it doesn't work.

As you imagine a wait up to 2 second is not the solution.

Also we saw that bapi_network_maintain has in its code commit included but not all of them are with wait option. So we don't know if this could be a problem but we thinks more people could have our same issue!.

Pleaaaaaseeeeee, help!!!!

Thanks a lot,