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May 27, 2009 at 07:33 AM

hierachy changes


Hello all,

With reference to profit centre hierarchy, currently, we are loading a hierarchy called PROFCENTRE_HIER into SAP BW production which is used in all the queries.

However, in SAP R/3 this is not the standard hierarchy. It's just created as a profit center group.

Out standard hierarchy is called COMPANY_HIER.

However, we want to maintain the standard hierarchy rather than a profit center group.

So the idea was to change COMPANY_HIER completely in SAP R/3 production. We want to (probably it's not that simple, but just to make it easier to explain) move the whole PROFITCENTRE_HIER( SAP BW) with all sub-nodes under COMPANY_HIER.

That means the hierarchy looks like that:



- node 1 - tier 3

- node A - tier 4

- node 2 - tier 3

- node B - tier 4


Then we think that all changes we do to COMPANY_HIER will also be done under PROFITCENTRE_HIER(cause it's sitting unter COMPANY_HIER). When can then keep on loading PROFITCENTRE_HIER into BW and always have the latest version in BW but don't need to change all the queries to use the COMPANY_HIER.

Would this approach work - please let me know of any issue/considerations I would need to keep in mind? Also please confirm the steps so i dont miss anything out.

thanks in advance