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May 27, 2009 at 04:11 AM

Material Document for Scrap consumption not Found


Dear Friends

During order confirmation, molten material / raw material is consumed by 261 MT and dross SH100002 is generated by MT 531 along with the finished product with MT 102. I reversed finished product through 102 MT and Raw material through MT 262. Thus do I need to reverse dross through MT 532, against order?

When I went to MB51, I found the material document for finished Material production with MT 101 and raw material consumption with MT 261. But in MB51when I tried to find out dross generation with MT 531, I did not get any material document for that particular order no.

In the production order though total quantity: 88000 and delivered quantity is only 26000. When user is trying to confirm the production order only for 200 units, system is giving the following error message:

Overdelivery is not permitted (Check entry)

Message no. RU139


The total yield and scrap confirmed exceeds the overdelivery tolerance defined in the order header.


You can either

u2022 reduce the confirmed quantity

u2022 deactivate the tolerance check during confirmations (customizing),

u2022 increase the overdelivery tolerance in the order header and then enter the confirmation again

Please tell me why Material movement of dross/ scrap is not visible and why production order is not getting confirmed