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May 26, 2009 at 04:44 PM

Seeking advice regarding Time Dimension - Correction and Customization


Dear all:


1. We have a measure called HTD, Half Year to Date, which aggregates 6 months worth of data. However, I just realized that the previous consultants set HTD at LEVEL = "Week". It works fine but I feel that this naming convention is confusing, and would like to rename HTD's LEVEL.

2. We have 4 more additional periods after period 12 for adjustment purpose. What is the good practice to have a year with 16 periods?


Current LEVEL for Half Year to Date is named "Week". I would like to rename this to something like "HalfYr"

200x.01 - 12 are regular periods

200x.13 - 16 are additional periods


1. If I go to SQL's back end and rename my LEVEL, and then update my Time dimension, is this going to pose a problem to my historical data?

2. I would like to include additional 4 more periods to sync with BW, but at the same time not confuse my BPC users in running reports at month of December. In other words, how do I integrate the 16 period time dimension design into the concept of "1 yr = 12 months (periods)"?