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Aug 14, 2018 at 10:19 AM

Segmentation with Agreements - Attribute "Product ID" or "Product Category" with no Data


Hi All,

we have loaded with OData Service API_MKT_AGREEMENT_SRV Agreements into yM Cloud (Release 1808). The Odata Call looks like this:

The product exists in yM and has a product category assigned. We can use the segmentation and we find the customer that is assigned to this agreement.

The problem is, that the product ID and the category for this agreement term is empty as can be seen here:

When doing a OData Call to call the current agreements on the other side, the product ID is shown:


att1.png (85.2 kB)
attt2.png (80.7 kB)
att3.png (97.6 kB)