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Aug 14, 2018 at 06:27 AM

VF04 Billing Due List displayed wrongly


Hi Experts,

Below is the problem I came into when using billing due list(VF04)

When I selected only order-related document to show in result, in the purpose to show only those sales order which can be invoiced directly from sales orders.

But after the result came out, those sales orders needed to be invoice through delivery notes were also included.( as image showed, these documents(OR, standard sales order) starts from number 1 are actually cannot be invoiced now)

My configuration setting seems with no problem.

1. in VOV8(define sales order), I set the billing related fields of my order type as followed:

Dlv-rel. billing type: (normal invoice)

Order-rel. billing type:("blank")

2. in defining item category, I set my item category "TAN" as followed

Business Data fields

Billing relevance: A(delivery-related billing document)

Can anyone of you provide some help or your experience if you have faced the same problem.

Many thanks!!