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May 26, 2009 at 10:39 AM

Function CS_BT_STPOB_UPDATE not inserting records into item table.


Dear Friends,

I am currently working on a userexit PCSD0001 for tcode CS01. In that while creating BOM when the user enters a material number in the material component tab, i need to fetch some data from material master and perform some calculation and update the quantity field.

Sometimes i also need to add one or two line items after the first line item.

So i have added a Function code(button) to the application toolbar and on clicking that all my action should be performed.

I have coded in include ZXCSAU01 of exit EXIT_SAPLCSDI_001 and reading the line items using the FM CSUE_ITEMS_EXPORT as said in the exit documentation.

After this iam able to update already existing line(Say the first item which the user entered) fields using FM CS_BT_STPOB_UPDATE by passing evbkz = 'U' (for update) and etabix = 1 (to modify first line item).

But iam not able to insert new line items using FM CS_BT_STPOB_UPDATE by passing evbkz = 'I' (for Insert) and etabix = 2 (to insert after the first line item).

It is just creating a empty line below the first line.

So what else i am missing here? I have spent almost a whole day debugging the application but could not find a turn around, any suggestion would be appreciated.


Karthik D