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May 26, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Planned Depreciation Changed - Recalculation of Depreciation


When we are displaying any asset through AS03 system shows message " value of Ordinary deprec. have changed in dep. area 01 in fiscal year 2009 for all the assets.

If we click on the message system shows following diagnosis

Values for Ordinary deprec. have changed in dep. area 01 in fiscal year 2009Message no. AU390


Depreciation terms were changed in depreciation area 01 since the last time depreciation was recalculated. The values for Ordinary deprec. that were saved in the database in fiscal year 2009 are therefore different from the newly calculated values by an amount of 22.33-.


Check if the newly calculated values are correct. If they are, then carry out a depreciation recalculation. You should be aware that if you recalculate depreciation, new values could arise for all open fiscal years, and these would then have to be posted to the general ledger by means of a depreciation posting run.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep the values that are saved in the database, you have to set the depreciation terms back to how they were at the time of the last depreciation recalculation.

To see a comparison of the old and new values, you can use the Display dep. calc. function in the asset value display or the Recalculate values function in the Asset Accounting menu.


And if we click on Proceed system take us to transaction recalculation of depreciation (t-code AFAR).

As per the diagnosis given in the message depreciation is recalculated whereas we have not run recalculation of depreciation (AFAR) but we have changed the useful life of Asset Class 2260 & 2265 from 12 to 10 years. and transferred few assets within company code by transaction code ABUMN. Is this happening because of that ?.

We are surprised that till last depreciation run (period 5) business were not getting any such type of message and from period 5 onward system started showing this message.

I was just checking planned depreciation for F.Y. 2009 of few assets and found that depreciation is not calculating properly.

I have run AFAR in test mode and taken list of recalculated assets and also checked the recalculated depreciation manually and found that depreciation is calculated properly. Now we want to run AFAR in final mode but before moving ahead we want take concern from asset expert that we are going on right track or which another steps to be taken to resolve the same.

One more thing I have noticed that if we run AFAR from F.Y. 2008 in test mode when F.Y. 2008 is closed system shows message "Error in Dep. Calculation" for all the assets related to F.Y. 2008 and before and when we open F.Y. 2008 and run AFAR again in test mode then system shows message "Error in Dep. Calculation" only few AUC assets.