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May 26, 2009 at 05:39 AM

Transfer Of Data from Sap to Oracle with the help of Enterprise Services.



We want to transfer data from Sap to Oracle using standard Enterprise Services.Some fields were not available in the existing standard Enterprise Services,so we have enhanced the existing Services by writing code inside BADI available with Enterprise Services.Rest of the fields we have mapped with the existing fields available in standard Enterprise Services.But,the Oracle people want to fetch all data from Sap without entering any input as a mandatory field in the Enterprise Services.The existing standard Enterprise Services require to enter any field as mandatory and are not accepting the range in input for multiple records.e.g.All enterprise Services related to Sales Orders are displaying only one sales Order.We have searched all Enterprise Services for Sales Order(related to reading of data),but not able to find service which would display mutiple records without entering any input.ECC_SALESORDER009QR is the only service which is displaying multiple records without entering any input,but the required fields are not available in this service.So,kindly suggest what we need to do further.

1.Should we go for customization of services completely,so that it would fulfil our requirement.

2.Are there standard Enterprise Services exists which would we give us data in range(all records).

If they exists,please specify the names of Services for reading Purchase Order,Production Order,BOM etc.

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