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May 26, 2009 at 04:17 AM

sap router renew problem


hi experts

i m renewing my sap router as sap says. i followed the steps.

. Logon to host with username and password of SAP router service credentials

2. Stop the Saprouter service 3. Make a backup of the folder E:\usr\sap\saprouter

3a. This can be deleted after a successful upgrade

4. Delete this 4 files in E:\usr\sap\saprouter

4a. certreq

4b. cred_V2

4c. localpse

4d. srcert

5. Generate the certificate request using the following command 5a. E:\usr\sap\saprouter>sapgenpse get_pse u2013v u2013r certreq u2013p local.pse "your distinguish name"

Example- "CN=sap12301.oii.dom, OU=0000810973, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE"

At this steps when i m entering the

C:\saprouter>sapgenpse get_pse -v -r certreq -p local.pse "CN=SAPDEV, OU=0000910

232, OU=SAProuter,O=SAP, C=DE"

Huh? I found 5 trailing unrecognized parameters on commandline!?

error is coming ..

kindly guide me.