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How do I make it possible to manage the versions of my custom Fiori app?

I'm keen to use this new feature of SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition (SFCE)

Managing the Versions of an App

I hope to create a tile for a stable version of the custom Fiori app that I am developing. The OData developer, for example, could use this tile while I have another tile linked to the very latest (not necessarily stable) version.

The problem is that when I go to App Resources in the Fiori Configuration Cockpit the Version column is read only. Incidentally, the version number is 1.0.0 rather than the current version.

According to the help:

Version numberRead-only textThis app does not support assigning multiple versions.

What do I need to do to ensure that I can manage versions for my own, bespoke Fiori apps?

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  • Hi Mike - I did some exploration within my 90 day extended demo tenant, but can't seem to exactly follow the help guidance in the link you shared. Were you working in an official customer tenant, a personal one, or the HCP trial landscape?

  • Hi Jeremy, it's the official customer tenant. I'm thinking it might be something I have to add to the manifest for the app. Perhaps there is something we need to add to show that this app can have the versions managed?

    Or something I need to turn on globally in the HCP cockpit. We're on the stable UI5 release, 1.38, btw. I suppose that maybe it only works on 1.40?



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    Nov 19, 2016 at 01:41 PM

    Hi Mike,

    Currently multi versioning assignment in App Resources available for selected fiori apps shared and provided by SAP only. This option not available for custom developed apps and for business suite apps provided by SAP (SAP Fiori Cloud).

    You can try to create your own custom multi versioning mechanism:

    Assuming your HTML5 application name "myapp" and it has two versions: 1.0 and 1.1

    You then creating third version and activating it. In this third version you're adding only neo-app.json with two routes:


    "path": "/1.0",

    "target": {

    "type": "application",

    "name": "myapp",

    "version": "1.0"


    "description": "Version 1.0 mapping"



    "path": "/1.1",

    "target": {

    "type": "application",

    "name": "myapp",

    "version": "1.1"


    "description": "Version 1.1 mapping"


    When configuring the tile in Fiori Configuration Cockpit, in Componrnt URL field you need to type /1.0 Then this particular tile will launch version 1.0 of myapp application.

    Please note that this is not an official supported way for managing app with versions but just an idea how you can do it by yourself (and maybe you need to add more routes to neo-app.json in third version, like for odata requests).



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