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May 25, 2009 at 11:55 AM

Smart form printing issue with LOCL and SAP printer



The issues are as follows:

1. the top portion of the Invoice and PO does not print when using the SAP printer (works when using LOCL)

2. the shaded areas of the Order Confirmation and Invoice are black when printing to a SAP printer (works when using LOCL)

In an attempt to correct the printing issue is was suggested that we change the SAP printer device type from HPLJ4 to POST2. This did address the problem where the shaded areas were black but then we received reports that other reports printed "garbage". Its possible that using POST2 device type causes issues when printing to HP compatible printers.

Apparently all the testing was done using the SAP printer LOCL and not the SAP printer name and SAP spool system. LOCL uses the SAP GUI and Windows system to produce the output. Our production users at the plant site and Toledo are using SAP defined printers with the device type of HPLJ4. HPLJ4 is our standard here as OC for our printer definitions and we have HP compatible printers installed in our Toledo location and all of our remote sites. We need to be able to correctly print the Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Order Confirmations on our SAP printers.

What can be done to the reports to allow them to print on our HPLJ4?

Thanks, Prathap