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May 25, 2009 at 11:47 AM

XML Deserialization error while consuming Enterprise service in wd java..



I am trying to build 2 webdynpro java webdynpro applications which consumes enterprise service for purchase order and another application for Busines partner.

While i was able to successfully consume the PO service in webdynpro java and get the desired output for PO..i get XML Deserialization error while running appliation for Business Partner..

These are the details/steps i followed for the Business Partner application:

1. After creating the model using the enterprise service, i created a service controller from the model to the component controller..

2. Out of many inputs/output attributes during mapping from model to component controller. i further mapped the context from CC to ViewC.

3. In the wdDoInit() method, i added the follwing code:

BPCreate model1 = new BPCreate();

Request_BusinessPartnerERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In RequestC = new Request_BusinessPartnerERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In(model1);

BPERPCrteReqMsg_S CreateMessage = new BPERPCrteReqMsg_S(model1);

BPERPCrteReq_SBP Cpartner = new BPERPCrteReq_SBP(model1);

String Category = new String();

String lf = new String();

Cpartner.setInternalID(new String());

Cpartner.setNumberRangeIntervalBusinessPartnerGroupCode(new String());






4. When i comment this code and run the application, the aplication comes up but the input fields are non-editable..

5. If i place this code in wdDoInit() method, i get the Deserialization error..

Any idea about why this error occurs and which areas in the application can lead to these errors?

I checked that the service runs fine in soamanager.

Thanks, JVR