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May 25, 2009 at 11:09 AM

The SQL query is not executing



I have the following situation: In a project we designed our reports calling a stored procedure the exits in a MS SQL Server 200 database. The Stored Procedures works fine and when they are used in the report everything works perfectly.

The reports are being made with CR DEsigner 11, when the designer ends them, ha pass them to me and we put them in our java web application. I open them and even preview them since the Crystal Reprots Perspective of Eclipse and I can see the data, so everything to this point is OK.

The problem comes when I change of connection, I'm trying to connect every report to the same host and database, and when the reprot is displayed in the browser there is no data. I profile the SQL commands that are executed when the report is requested and I found that the reprot is not executing the stored procedure.

I guess because i'm connectring the report to the same database and host that was used when the report is created and i'm also passing exactly the same parameters of the stored procedure, then report thinks that it doesn't have executing again becuase it will be the same information.

SO, i wonder if there is a way to request to the report to execute the sql query every time i have to display it.

thanks for any help.