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May 25, 2009 at 08:58 AM

When does FMDERIVE display derived values in AS02?


Hi dear experts,

Much appreciated if anyone can help me with this.

FMDERIVE is activated to derive Fund Center values from Cost Center.

For Asset Master Screen layout Rule, the Fund Center field is suppressed.

In AS01, when an asset is created, Cost Center is mandatory, therefore a value is entered for cost center. Upon saving, the Fund Center will be derived.

However, in AS02, although the Fund Center is suppressed in Asset Master Scree Layout Rule, the value is displayed for some of the clients, and not displayed for some of the clients. The same derivation rules are set up for the clients and they have the same screen layout rule settings. What can cause this difference?

In Additional Account Assignment Settings under SPRO for Asset Accounting, both clients have Fund Center FISTL - checked for activated only.