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May 25, 2009 at 07:08 AM

Unable to do PGI for Sales Order


Hello All

I am using Product Qty Management functionality of SAP for a FG, whose Sales UOM is SQM & Base UOM is KG, When am doing GR I am entering the goods in SQM as "Unit of Entry" & am defining the KG as well during GR, i.e. am having a relation of 1SQM = 4.16KG, but at the time of GR the value comes out to be 10SQM = 43.75KG i.e. 1SQM = 4.375KG. The system incorporates this change in relation betwen different UOM & passes the new value of conversion to the characteristic I used in Batch Classification.

This all goes well & when am overviewing the stock, system also displays Sales Order Stock as 43.75 KG or 10SQM. My problem is that when am trying to deliver this Sales order & when am doing the PGI (Post Goods Issue) the system throws a error message which says:

"Material's product unit must be entered in whole numbers

Message no. VL285"

This behaviour of system I am unable to understand, wherein the system shows appropriate stock & still it doesnt allow me to do the PGI. Please help out with this problem. Looking forward to your valuable inputs & guidance.


J K Tharwani