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May 25, 2009 at 01:28 AM

WAD BI 7 and Navigation pane



I took a copy of the 0analysis_pattern WAD. I have two issues, as follows:

1. I would like to set the tray to u201Conu201D. This will help us getting the output of 16 columns of the original report on the monitor and of course to hide the navigation pane. I set the box u201Cwith trayu201D but the caption is not display in the output report.

2. Using the same, WAD, I inserted a container to host a couple of tabs. Sadly, the WAD does not display the two tabs. On the other hand, when I produce my own WAD from scratch, the report produces the two tabs I set previously. If I continue using this WAD the SAP toolbar showing the following pushbuttons new analysis, open, save as, information, etc disappear. This toolbar is a must to have. I copied from the original WAD but the toolbar is not displayed in the output.

I have read the over the years so that I fully aware of what is contained there.

Any idea is welcome