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May 25, 2009 at 12:01 AM

Incorrect Value in Boolean Control in Workflow


Hi all,

I'm seeing some strange behaviour with two attributes in the workflow interface: MX_DISABLED and MX_LOCKED. Even though the attributes are set to 0 in the database, the web interface has them checked (ie: Value = 1).

I've taken a look at the array that is coming back in PHP and found:

If the display type is set to BOOLEAN I get from the database:


[MX_LOCKED] => 0

But when I get to the workflow interface the array is:


[MX_LOCKED] => 1

If I set the presentation type of MX_DISABLED to SINGLESELECT I get the following array at the web interace:


[MX_LOCKED] => 1

Therefore it seems to be that the display type is causing the incorrect setting the values of these two attributes. I've tried it on a different attribute (one created for testing) and it appears to work fine. It also correctly sets them to 0 if the user has no values (ie: Not Set).

I'm using IDM7.0SP5.

Does anyone have an idea of where these are manipulated in PHP so I can track things down? Has anyone seen this before?


Peter Wass