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May 24, 2009 at 09:36 PM

How to catch errors in calling program when using SUBMIT ... AND RETURN ?


Hi ,

I am calling a report using submit and return statement from a function module. The report has select-options field for a date field. If user enters a date in low, which is greater than high, getting error message "Lower limit is greater than upper limit".

How to catch this error without endup stoping on selection screen of the report?

In the documentation, I read :

Programs called with SUBMIT ... AND RETURN or CALL TRANSACTION cannot propagate exceptions to the caller, because exception objects are bound to the internal mode of a program.

Is there any way to overcome this?

Also my aim is to write a validation on the date selection-option to have the date range not more than 20 days.

I am not sure of how to achieve this.

Is there a way to do validation of select-options data before submiting to the report ?

Is there any standard FM to achieve this task?

Thank you,


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