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May 23, 2009 at 03:19 PM

plz help


Hi friends

we hav create qunatity contract order, in that order customer code is 10000 for this customer account assignment goup maintained as 01. after that we hav created normal sales order, in that order we entered sold to party(20000) and ship to party (30000) as manual with two diff customers, for these customers accont assinment grp mainatined as 02

after entering we hav taken with reference qunatity contract order, then item level copied from quantity contract to normal order, in header level account assignment group is 02 in sale order

delivery created, and billing also creatd but in billing at header level accont assinment grp is appearing as 01.

any one plz reply why system taking account assign grp in billing at header levl as 01 which taking the quantity contract customers account assign group , but in sales order, delivery and billing header and item partners are 20000 and 30000 which we enterd manullay in sale order

any one plz reply how to get account assin group in billing as 02 at header level