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May 23, 2009 at 11:58 AM to map ??


Hey SAP Gurus...

Could you all tell me how to configure the below requirement ...plz provide me the solution precisely..its critical need to resolve asap...plz help meeeeeeeeeeee....

Thanks in advance....Heres the requirement....

The Client has gone for a single window sale with a ABC (Vendor), where the vendor has around 1000 distributors under it. Client has around 100 distributors, whom Client would be put under the Vendor. All the sales activity from the Client side will be ONLY with the Vendor and the distributors have to buy from the Vendor. But the marketing part is with the Client.

Itu2019s a 45 days direct sale with the Vendor at 60% of MRP.

Client sets the rate of the Products to be sold at different zones (South, North, West, and East) or for a particular distributor.

Ex: North zone: 80% on MRP

South Zone: 75% on MRP

The Vendor gets 5.5% on the Net sales (minus tax)

Ex: MRP = 100/-,

Vendor Price = 60/-

Distributor Price (DP) = 80/-,

Tax = 10/-,

DP minus Tax = 80-10 = 70/-

Net Sales = 70/-

Already paid = 60/-

To be paid = 10 u2013 3.85 = 6.15

Vendors service charges = 5.5% of 70 = 3.85/- (say at 12.5%tax)

Balance payment = 80 u2013 60 u2013 10 u2013 3.85 = 6.15/-

The balance payment is reconciled every month end. So that credit/ debit notes are raised and adjusted against next payments.

The Vendor would be sending daily reports on and ready to furnish any other data as required for the Client.

1. Stock (stock of Clientu2019s products at their various warehouses across India)

2. The invoice details of the sales done with distributors (for reconciliation purposes)