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Aug 13, 2018 at 02:23 PM

Delete ID mapping via webservice

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Dear Team,

We need to delete an existing ID Mapping once we create id mapping from second system.

For Example,
Account ID ( C4C ) : 239239 Now go to Admin -> ID mapping Select ERP account
Add ID : 239239
System : CRM.1 (Old)
You will get an exteranal id linked to it.

Now just change the System to NewERP. You will get another external id linked to 239239 C4C ID.

The first ID mappiing happened via migration of prospect and second id mapping happens from a non SAP ERP once prospect is turned in to customer.
Hence we want to delete the earlier ID Mapping.

For the above purpose we identified Web service :"CommunicationServicesManagementMaintainObjectIdentifierMappingIn" , However this webservice always gives us error message

: "Query result not unique; BO OBJECT_IDENTIFIER_MAPPING, Node ROOT, Query QUERY_BY_ELEMENTS : = 5368 ; = 147 ; = 00163E32B1001ED798947344C412E685 ; = 00163E2BC5671ED78A9D7A9FB16C5950"

And we are not able to understand the same.

We use another SOAP service to make a Query :

which works fine to get us the desired data but , this WS doesnt have a Delete action code as Maintain ( and rightly so).
Looking forward for your support on how to use WS to delete existing ID mapping.