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May 22, 2009 at 03:03 PM

Hierarchie load from Flat file



1) I installed 0HIER_NODE but I can not see this infoobject in RSA14. But I can see 0HIER_TYPE. Is this the cause for the failure of data load from flat file? 'Coz in the sample flat file in the forums, there is 0HIER_NODE. I could not find any sap note on this.

2) How does data look in a hierarchy? For 0CUST_SALES_TID_LKDH_HIER, I see 6 records in RSA3, but I don't 6 records in hirearchy in BI.

3) I don't see manage option for any of the hierarchy datasources, and don't see PSA icon from InfoPackage. How to check the data?