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May 22, 2009 at 11:17 AM

Coverage profile with highly variable demand/forecast


Good morning to all,

I am having a problem during the calculation of how the SAP coverage profile, and I understand how most of the system works, but the program does some calculations I can not manage in large orders.

We have a coverage profile of 2 months and a lot size of 30 working days. We are working with forecasts and demands at the same time.

So far we have no trouble understanding the calculation of SAP:

- The daily demand (demand for the next three months / working days for the next three months)

- Neither of the calculation of the target stock (* daily demand profile coverage, 40 days in this case)

- We know when the system calculated to set the PO (when the next demand will consume the dynamic stock)

- The quantity of the PO(cumulative demand of the next 30 working days + dynamic Stock of the next month - current stock)

But we are having a problem when either a demand or a forecast is significantly higher than other forecasts, as it calculates orders that meet the demand, but how to calculate it does not follow the method prescribed in the SAP.

As an example, we launched a material with a forecast that varies between 1400 and 2000 pcs / month, with the characteristics mentioned above of coverage profile and lot size and some small demands of 500 pcs. The orders in this scenario can be replicated with the values provided by the SAP help, but when introduced a demand of 4000 we are distorting the calculations for the order and SAP requests an amount that I am not able to reproduce by any calculation.

The calculation itself is:

Stock in store: 6330.75 ud.

Demand that falls within the period of lot size:

1700 pcs. Forecast

1600 pcs. Forecast

4000 pcs. demand

Target Stock of the coverage profile of 2 months: 3555.56 pce

That the amount requested for that lot size would be:

1700 +1600 +4000 +3555,56-6330,75 = 4324.81

But this is not what SAP does, it returns an estimated order of 4848 pc.

Do you know how to explain this difference in the calculation of 523 pcs?

The same type of deviation occurs with highly variable forecasts (Forecast 1 several times Forecast 2) so there must be some kind of internal calculation made to compensate major changes in forecast and demand.

I would need to replicate the calculations or at least see how it is calculated by SAP.

Thank you.