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May 22, 2009 at 08:00 AM

Best practice: Developing report in Rich Client or InfoView?


Hi Experts,

I have a question on the best practice of developing webi reports.

From what I know, a Webi report can be created in Rich Client and then exported to one or more folders. From InfoView, the report can also be changed, but the change is only local to the folder.

To simplify development and maintenance, I believe both creation and change should be done solely in either Rich Client or InfoView. However, some features are only available in InfoView, not in Rich Client. One example is hyperlink for another Webi report. As a second step, I can add the extra features in InfoView after the export. However, if I change the report in Rich Client and re-export it, the extra features added via InfoView (e.g. report hyperlink) will be overwritten.

As I'm new to BO, may I have some recommendations on the best practice for building reports? For instance:

1) Only in Rich Client - no adding of feature via InfoView

2) First in Rich Client, then in InfoView - extra features need to be added again after each export

3) Only in InfoView - all activities done in InfoView, no development in Rich Client

4) Others?

Any advice is much appreciated.


Edited by: Linda on May 26, 2009 4:28 AM