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Former Member
May 22, 2009 at 04:06 AM

Automatic Material Availability Check upon Order Save not working


Hi Guys,

In Config OIOI, I have turned on the "Check material availability when saving Order" checkbox for both "Create Order" and "Release" business functions.

I then change a Maintenance Order with status REL and enter a component and quantity which I know has insufficient stock. I manually execute the Availability Check and it's working fine -- the message "Material Shortage -- see log" is displayed and the System Status MSPT (Material Shortage) is set.

I then save the Order, expecting that it would automatically perform the Availability Check again and display the same message, based on my OIOI config above. Unfortunately, it does not, not even if I increase the component quantity. What it only does is to automatically set the MSPT status. It would be ideal if the "Material Shortage -- see log" message is displayed as well so the user is warned.

Right now, I can't remember if this is standard SAP behaviour or if SAP normally displays the message in this config (in which case there must be something wrong with our system!). What do you guys think?

Looking forward to your replies.

Thanks & regards,