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May 22, 2009 at 03:59 AM

LDAP/Active Directory synchronization



I'm trying to synchronize my company's Active Directory with our SAP HCM database (using SAP as the master). I've found considerable documentation on how to do this automatically, e.g. SAP Library - Directory Services (BC-SEC-DIR), however I'm encountering 2 problems:

1) We want to synchronize a number of custom fields. These fields are obviously not available through the standard sync structures (see abap---ldap-integration-abap-structures). Is it possible to still use the standard synchronization functionality (e.g. by adding my custom fields to the available sync structures) or do I need to write custom code?

2) Not all the information that I want to synchronize with the Active Directory can be mapped to fields that already exist in "users" in the Active Directory. I can add the necessary fields by subclassing the "user" objectclass using LDAP however when I then try to view the user through the AD it refuses to show all the standard properties.

- Is there a way to force the AD to show the standard properties for these users?

- Is there a way to add fields to "users" in the AD without changing the objectclass being used?

Thank you in advance for your help,