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May 21, 2009 at 10:17 PM

CMC link is disabled in new installation of BOXI R2 SP3 Windows 2003 server


Hi,We are using BOXI R2 SP3 on windows server 2003. I installed Business Objects web server with Tomcat as application server. After installation I could get the login screen of Infoview but when I go to program files then I don't get link for admin launch pad. I fixed this by adding the path to launchpad.html in the link. Its presentin win32_x86. (I added this for other users to help.)

When I append launch.html manually then it open the launchpad screen but with link to CMC disabled i.e. its not a hyperlink.

When I type the full address of CMC then login page appears.

Now when I access the same link from other Business objects web server then it works just fine. I can see the link and I can login as usual.

Please let me know what setting in this new web server is preventing it to display the link and takes forever to login.

ANS: Sorry for multiple post. I read guidelines before posting and it stated topost one question per problem and I had multiple problems. I removed enhanced Internet explorer security feature and its working fine.