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Former Member
May 21, 2009 at 09:07 PM

ECC5 US7ASCII character set non Unicode, problem with copy back


I'm trying to do an Oracle restore method to complete a copy back, but I get the following error:

ERROR 2009-05-21 20:41:18

CJS-00084 SQL statement or script failed. DIAGNOSIS: Error message: ORA-01503: CREATE CONTROLFILE failedORA-01565: error in identifying file'H:\ORACLE\ABC\SAPDATA1\SYSTEM_1\SYSTEM.DATA1'ORA-27047: unable to read the header block of fileOSD-04001: invalid logical block size

The restore was tablespace and an OFFLINE.

The source was US7ASCII NLS, however when I installed the database (9i) and the CI and DB I didn't seem to have US7ASCII available option - only WE8DEC.

Could this be the problem and anyone esle seen this?

Thanks in advance.