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May 21, 2009 at 08:35 PM

Production order WIP and Settlement


Hi All,

We have some production order WIP calculation and settlement issue or May be Iu2019m not understating WIP calculation and settlement process.

I will explain my issue with an example.

We have one production order with qty 100 and Material consumption and labor is posted as follow.

Material USD100

Labor USD50

Before period close, we have received qty20 into inventory (GR) and USD300 posted to Inventory.

At period end when I run WIP calculation (KKAX), system is showing in "USD150-" into u201CType of WIP data Reserve for Unrealized costsu201D and this is not settling to FI and PCA.

Is this correct? Or am I missing any configuration? Please explain me.

Any help is appreciated.....