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May 21, 2009 at 07:00 PM

Delimiting Positions


Hi experts,

Everything tried on IDES:

I tried delimiting the position through PO13/PP01 and by running the report RHGRENZ4 for changing the end date. I run the report via SE38 (which I understand is to be used by ABAPers only; if Iu2019m wrong, please correct me).

The problem faced for delimiting the position via PO13/PP01 was that the u201Cfrom-tou201D date fields are not active (i.e. they are grey), so could not make the changes.

So I tried,

Report RHGRENZ4 and input the data in all the required fields and executed, due to which I got the result on the next screen as u201CResult successfully changedu201D and saved it. But when I viewed the position (updated position) under organization structure, there was no change.

One thing more, when I saved the changes in the report RHGRENZ4, it took me to the screen ABAP Variant, wherein I mentioned the variant name and the short description as required and saved the changes. Since it took me to the ABAPersu2019 screen, so I understand that a functional person may not be allowed to run this report via SE38 in real time; am I correct or not? Please verify.

Highly appreciable.

Thanks n Regards,