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May 21, 2009 at 07:00 PM

Inconsistency in updating value of EVGTS/EVSND in multiple Applications


Dear all:


Because of the complexity of my financial reports, instead of using EVDRE or modified Dynamic Template, I requested the users to provide traditional Excel Workbooks (with Excel formulas) and embedded EV functions (primarily EVGTS and EVSND) to the Workbooks.

However, from time to time my EVGTS and EVSND wouldn't retrieve correct information


The worbook consist_s of:_

Finance Application

Balance Sheet



Sales Application

Sales Results

Inventory Flows

For all the EVGTS and EVSND functions, I filled in all dimension members so it properly retrieves data regardless which application it is under the Current View

Sometimes my EVGTS would show #RFR after numerous Expand or Refresh attempts. My EVSND usually would show "0" when it failed to retrieve the values. However, if I opened a new workbook and use EVSND and EVGTS with the same parameters, the correct values were displayed.


Is this because the size of my report is too huge? Each worksheet contains average of 400-500 EVGTS and some EVSND and I have 5 worksheets in this Workbook.