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May 21, 2009 at 04:24 PM

Selection screen -Query


Hi Gurus:

I have a query which has selections form extars tab in the

infoset and one selection for language from the selection tab.

The problem is that when this selection in teh selection screen

from the selection tab is filled with no language(blank)

and run withoutselecting anyother selection it gives all teh result,

similaryly if I put in a language and in it and run it still shows up

witha ll the result. Actually I would like to see only thiose

materials with description for which the language is entered and not all .

Since this selection copmes from teh selection tab fo the infoset

its not filtering as required but the other selection criteria which

comes from teh extra tab does filter accordingly.

Could anyone sufggest as how tyo gho about doing it so

that it shows the result by filtering from this languiage criteria also.

My selection screen is as follows.

(General data selection)

TDG Language ___<----- this comes from the selection tab in infoset

(Report-specific selection)

Material Number ____ to ____ (these comes from the extra tab in infoset)

Material Type ____ to ____

Material Desc. Language ____ to ____

Layout ____