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Nov 13, 2016 at 12:31 AM

soap error id = 112, why i cannot change xml message into a string?


Hi Experts,

My ecc version:i have no soamanager this tcode,i can only use wsadmin and wsconfig.

My function is rfc function,i create a webservice,i want to input string and output string,when i use the soapui test the result:

1) when i input aaa ,the result is right

2)when i input < or > , get a error id = 112, because i have no <![CDATA[

3)But when i input <![CDATA[<DATA>QQQQQ</DATA>]]> like this ,get a error 'SOAP processing failure, error id = 112' ,wny?

who can help me ,thanks very much.

from china


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