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May 21, 2009 at 11:33 AM

Problem with Alert rules


Hi All,

I created 6 alert rules in Alert configuration of RWB.

One of them is 'AE related alert'. For this, error occurance place is Adapter Engine and Adapter type is '*'. This is related to an alert caletory 'AE alerts'

Other 5 alerts are IE related alerts for which error occurance places are Adapter, Application, Server, Protocol & Server. All these are related to an alert category 'IE Alerts'.

For all the alert rules, Rule Active is Checked, Supress multiple alerts is not checked, connected to a message is YES, sender and receiver party/service/int/int namespace are all '*'.

Now, wheneveran error occurs, say for example mapping related error, i am getting 5 alerts from all the 5 IE related rules.

My expectation is, only one of the alerts should be sent. How can i achieve this?

Many Thanks