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May 21, 2009 at 01:37 AM

Inquiry:: Smartforms' parameter 'user_settings'



I have some inquiry with regards to SMARTFORMS interface parameter "user_settings"

Sample/Base information:

I have 2 printer configuration (System default = Printer-A ; user profile default = Printer-B).

I'm using PO (which will automatically create a Print-PO under SMARTFORMS; and have user_settings = 'X') as sample.

1. I'm having a conflict of information with regards to the value 'X' which is set as default on this parameter. When I create the PO (with user-setting = X), a print is generated using Printer-A. What I wanted to do is that when I create the PO, a print should be generated using Printer-B.

The conflict of information is that sap website requires for me to set "x" whereas sap support website say to remove "x". Which of these information is valid?

2. I tried to edit this field in order to remove "x" from the default setting; but it is marked as readonly. Any attempt to edit this field return an error "You cannot delete standard parameter and exceptions". Am I to believe that this parameter is not editable, or is that I need to create/copy the smartform into a new smartform in order to edit this field?

3. My main objective is to enforce user profile default printer (Printer-B) as the default printer; (and if possible) uses system default printer (Printer-A) as backup. Is this type of configuration/setting possible under smartform?