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May 20, 2009 at 09:41 PM

Subcontracting Component Dropship



Here is my scenario:

1. Finished Product M requires components X, Y and Z.

2. Vendor A provides component X and ships it directly to subcontractor B.

3. On this PO, on the Delivery address tab we have entered subcontractor B as the vendor and set the 'SC vend' checkbox.

4. When the GR for the drop-ship PO is performed, the quantity is rightly posted to 'stock provided to subcontractor B'.

5. Components Y and Z are shipped to B from existing inventory via regular subcontract PO.

The problem is, when GR for the subcontract PO is performed, the system does not post an automatic goods issue for component X (this is not surprising since component X is not entered as a component on the subcontract PO). As a result component X stays in 'stock provided to subcontractor'... and the value of component X does not get included in the value of the finished product M when the GR for it is posted.

What am I missing? Should the drop-ship PO be linked to the subcontract PO somehow? How does the system know that component X also needs to be issued when the GR for the subcontract PO is performed?

Please advise.