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May 20, 2009 at 07:32 PM

Invisible in Navigation Areas and Entry Point


Hi everybody

I have a doubt; hope some one can help meu2026

I need to have a QuickLink on the portal (http:hostname:port/irj/portal/QuickLink), so I created a page that contains an iviewu2026.. at this point itu2019s all right.

I read that in order to display the iView/page (quicklink), the iView/page should be a part of the role to which the user has been assigned. The role should be available as an entry point so that the iView/page is displayed as part of the useru2019s navigation tree.

So I created a role, assign it to my page (quicklink) and put u201CEntry pointu201D to u201CYesu201D. I need that this role must be invisible, so I put the u201CInvisible in Navigation Areasu201D properties to u201CYesu201D, but still show it in the Navigation Roles Area.

Itu2019s possible to have a role with the properties entry point yes and invisible yes?

Thanks for your help