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May 20, 2009 at 07:32 AM

customer invoice print



II have posted two Invoices against a customer. Two invoices in one accounting doc to a customer.

Two different items sold.

Now for the first Gl account we have assigned tax code ex: 01

And for second Gl account we have assigned another tax code ex: 02

So entry would be as below. The system couldnu2019t determine the tax code to be assigned to customer, hence displays it as ****.The document gets posted.

Tax code

Customer ****

To Gl account 01

To Gl account 02

Now when I try to print/see the print preview of this invoice thru FBL5N-Environment u2013Correspondence----System displays

*Tax code ** in Procedure TAXYZ is invalid.* This because of the tax code ** which is displayed against customer in the document.

In this case how can I get the invoice printed?