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May 20, 2009 at 06:26 AM

Fox not running for all records - all possible combinations


Hello ,

I have written a fox formula , for the foll logic


(day) (day) (week)

Where my TEMP_87 = (BC_E + C_F)

(week) (year) (week)

Here, my TEMP_D is having 365 values one for each day

BC_E is having only 1 value one for each year

C_F is having only 4 records . the rest of the weeks , this entry is 0.

So ideally, even when C_F is 0, my Temp_87 should still be having 52 entries (as the BC_E should be equally distributed for each of the 52 week) .however it is returning only 4 records only when the C_F is having values in it. This is beacause in the L_T_CUR for this FOR loop it is picking up only those calweek for which C_F is having values.

Similiarly my TEMP_A should finally yield 365 values one for each day. However it is yielding only 4 values for those weeks only where TEMP_87 is having values for the same reason as above.

Can someone suggest something , to resolve this issue.