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May 20, 2009 at 06:26 AM

Hiding fields in structure


Dear SAP Friends,

I have a P&L report from BW that I have collected to CR.

In my BW query I have 2 structures. One for all the parts of my P&L statement and one at the top for some months, actual vs plan etc.

Now when I get the 2 structures in CR the top one is displayed with the fields in the structure and I can choose from them ( 6 fields ) which one I want in my CR report.

However with the second large structure I only see the structure in CR. When I drag the structure to the design pane and go to preview I cen see all the fields from my structure as in BW. Fine!


I also see all those selections and formulas in the structure that are marked as hidden in BW. I want to hide these also in my CR but I can't find out how to edit the fields in the structure, only the structure as a whole object and that's not what I want.

Anyone knowing what I should do?

I know that I can maybe get around this with not having a second structure and creating real restricted and calculated key figures instead of using my structure with formulas and selections, but I'd like to as far as possible not having to re-create all that.

Kind regards