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Former Member
May 19, 2009 at 04:37 PM

Used DCs issue



I have a issue with adding used DCs.

I have one external library DC...say "extlib"

This has all the jar files required.

I have one Portal standalone DC...say "portaldc1"

This portal dc has java classes in the src.API package. These classes require the jars in extlib.

I have one web dynpro DC....say "webdc1"

This webdc1 uses classes in portaldc1 and also require extlib.

What kind of public parts do I have to create and add as used DCs.

I also want to make sure that, when I make changes to any classes in "portaldc1", I just build and redeploy "portaldc1"...I do not want to build and redeploy "webdc1" each time I change portaldc1.

Is this achievable?

Any help is greatly appreciated.