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Aug 12, 2018 at 04:44 AM

Read dynamic parameter's value list from .rpt with C#

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Hello to the SAP Community,

I'm trying to get an answer to a question that was already asked on this topic in 2010, because I'm working on a solution to debug the performance problem etablished on the Crystal Report Viewer that takes about 2.30 min when you select a large number of parameters to display the next one.

So I will use the same words as this fellow developer to ask you if 8 years later, a solution exists :

" I'm using Cystal Report 2008. We know starting from CR XI we can create dynamic parameters, the list of items of this kind of parameter are fetching from database. So in general the SQLs to get the list of values for dynamic parameters are stored in the .rpt.

In Crystal Report Designer, if I preview a report with dynamic parameters, it will first query the database and then show the input dialog with list of values from database for user to choose. My question is can we implement the same thing by our C# code? I'm planning to use C# code to read this dynamic parameter's value list from .rpt and render them on a Winform with User Controls. Then pass back the user selected values to the .rpt to run the report after user make the choice. I didn't find any APIs can do this. Is it possible? "