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May 19, 2009 at 01:09 PM

Problem with text display in Query Monitor (RSRT1)


Hi everyone,

we have a problem with the text display when executing any query in the Query Monitor. After selecting the query, the variable screen and the result are displayed "incorrectly". The letters are shrinked together and are hardly readable (although the normal SAP Menu looks fine, only the result area is messed up).

This only happens on certain computers. We discovered it on those that have a 19 inch screen and a resolution of 1240x1024. I tried to change the resolution, but the problem persists, even with a lower resolution. However, on those computers, that have a low resolution (1024x768) the Query Monitor works fine!

Do you have any ideas how to solve this, e.g. where to adjust the display options of the query monitor? Is there a sort of maximum resolution, or does a certain screen format have to be used?