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May 19, 2009 at 12:43 PM

Problem about screens (sy-dynnr) and programm name (sy-repid).


Hi guys!!

My problem is about screens (sy-dynnr) and programm name (sy-repid).

I have a transactional programm called ZMY_PROGRAM.

Here I have a dynpro sy-dynnr = 0100 and sy-repid = ZMY_PROGRAM.

In my dynpro I have a button which it calls to another transaccion 'VX13N' [+CALL TRANSACTION 'VX13N' and skip first screen+.] (sy-repid = SAPMV86E and sy-dynnr = '0601') but inside the program SAPMV86E I call a subscreen (sy-repid = SAPXAKK and

sy-dynnr = '0200') so I stay in sy-repid = SAPXAKK and sy-dynnr = '0200'.

When I stay inside VX13N and push button 'BACK' I go to sy-dynnr = '0599' and sy-repid = SAPMV86E . Now I can see the inicial screen of VX13N (where I can put the 'AKKP-LCNUM'), so I push button 'BACK' .

and leave the programm . (I'm in SESSION_MANAGER).

How can I come back to ZMY_PROGRAM instead of leave programm? I think that my code loss the reference, because I have another button that goes from ZMY_PROGRAM to SAPLSRMCLFRM2 (only 1 step) and when I push 'BACK' come back well to ZMY_PROGRAM.

Sorry, but it's difficult to explain.

Thanks in advance.