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Aug 10, 2018 at 01:42 PM

How to tackle the problem of creating multiple material codes in a Make To Order Scenario


My client is into manufacturing and refurbishing of hydraulic turbines. Each turbine has got tens of thousands of components at different level of the BOM of its finished product ((Fully assembled turbine). The manufacturing is strictly make to order as no two turbines would be the same, although they would have the same components, but they would differ in sizes. For eg. a 50MW turbine might have a 10" blade and a 6" diameter rotor, the other order of a turbine of 100MW might have a requirement for a 20"blade and 8" rotor.

So, essentially we are using the same materials, but they vary in size, characteristics, and hence their costs. So we cant create a single material code for each component that goes into the manufacturing of the turbine. But creating material codes every time a new order is received is also not feasible as there are tens of thousands of components in the BOM.

One solution we thought of was Variant Configuration. But again this would be cumbersome as selection conditions, Pre -conditions, costs would have to be written again every time an order is received. As already explained no two orders are the same. So characteristics values would have to be re-written for tens of thousands of components in the Super BOM (even if we create one).

Is there any other solution to it, which might be more lucid and less complicated?

Any help would be well appreciated.