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Exception when starting CachePreloaderService

Dear Portal Specialists

We upgraded our portal to NW 7.0 EHP1 SPS 3 and want to enable Navigation Cache and the CachePreloaderService.

So first i enabled the Navigation Cache and then i configured the CachePreloaderService.

Run on startup: true

Users to preload: [Administrator:2:false:en_US,en] (i also tried custom values)

When i go to the node to restart the service, i receive the following error:

Server 1991650:Error in the listener class during the process of handleTopic.

I can find other threads about the same error message, but those are about custom services or services that had to be deployed.

Does anybody know this problem and knows how to solve it?

Thank you very much and best regards


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    May 19, 2009 at 09:34 AM

    Hi Martin,

    the cache preloader service was designed not to work when the portal is up, because of the reason that the navigation engine cannot know when all the connectors is up, and because of that the cache

    preloader might not work.

    Did you tried to restart the portal completely?



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      Dear Sandra

      thank you very much for the detailled infos!

      Following some responses and some more questions:

      We set the FPN Cache validity to 43'200 = 12 h

      We think about changing that. But this will have influence on our transport process for our BI systems, so we first have to think about it.

      The navigation is not slow on every click. We also assume that it is only slow when cache expired. But since we have 8 server nodes, this behavior is not that easy to really verify.

      Usually only the loading of the first opening of the detail navigation is slow, but opening the subfolders is not slow.

      However, from time to time it is also slow to open subfolders.

      I don't understand the functionality of the synchronize button exactly.

      It seems that it loads the current info from the systems and caches it. (the message after it is finished sais that the cache got renewed.)

      So my conclusion is, that if the system gets restarted, and we click this button, we don't have to expect bad performance. Is this correct?

      You write about opening all the navigation structure after cache expired, is this necessary? How are you doing this (did you find a way for automation?)

      We did a test, of the synchronizing, but we have to do more tests.

      Do you recommend to load all content or only the changed content (first radio button option to chose from)

      We did not configure the OptimizerC service.

      According to SAP help it is only used for RRA but not for RDL. So this does not help in our case.

      We also connected BI Systems with FPN (except from one iview from CE)

      We also have problem with the synchronization from time to time, so RDL is not the perfect solution.

      Can you tell me, if you have 32 of 64bit servers?

      I got a recommendation from SAP to set the Pcd.Xfs.Cache.HardReferenceLimit to 500 instead of 100 (Note 905211)

      But we have only 32bit servers (will be replaced one day) so we have some concerns to set 500. Do you have any experience with this setting?

      Thank you very much and best Regards